cellssMay the Name of the Lord be honored – Amen. The All Saints’ Cathedral Peoples’ Warden Mr. James Abola delivered a Sermon on the Theme ‘Family Stewardship’ and focused on Gen. 39:6-10 and Lk. 8:16-18 concurrently. As a preamble, James pointed out that some parts of Uganda had witnessed overarching famine – which had negatively impacted on their lives!
Uganda, he prophesied, was comparable to the Ezekiel 37 ‘Scenario of Dry Bones’! He called upon the Congregation to repent and turn to the Lord – for a complete transformation of the Country.

The Preacher pointed out that Family/Christian Stewardship encompasses the following key tenets, namely:

  1. That people are mandated to be good stewards and need to emulate Joseph who became a Leader – which standard enhanced his responsibility, integrity and trust from his Boss’s property [ Gen. 39:5-7];
  2. A good Leader/ Steward promotes prosperity and success in all spheres of Life: Families grow in all aspects while Nations develop and are peaceful;
  3. Stewardship goes beyond money! A good steward takes charge of moveable and unmoveable assets and calls for both TRUST and TRUSTWORTHY;
  4. Stewardship calls and demands for DELIGENCY –a diligent person paves a Way for making things/ situation better;
  5. On a contrary a bad Steward always blames others and becomes a custodian of poor, careless, inferior and shoddy works! Christians therefore are called to own their actions, focus ahead and desist from blame circles;
  6. Good stewards are called to be  responsible to God, their families and the Nation; and
  7. Parents and Guardians are mandated to teach, train, mentor and develop their Children in the area of stewardship.

Guiding Questions and Prayer Request

  1. Reflecting on the Key Issues raised by the Preacher, how diligent are you [as an individual] and Home Cell in your/our Ministry? [ Prov.12:24];
  2. Reflect on Prov.22:29 and attempt to answer the following: Do you excel in your work? Do you want to be lifted high?
  3. Call upon God and pray for Families and Nations around the World to practice good stewardship.

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