cellgroupPraise God Brethren! Last Sunday was Children’s Sunday and we were blessed to have Mrs. Betty Mirembe Mugabe a Children’s Teacher & Staff of ASCK share on the Theme:“Raising Children in the Christian Faith” and drawing biblical references from Duet: 6:1-9 and Mark 10:13-16. The preacher first and foremost pointed out that every adult in the African context has a role to play in being responsible for the children around them.
Teacher Betty gave a testimony of how her parents ably shared with her the Christian faith, through reading of the word, praying for and with her, going to church and living out their Christian faith by example to her and thesiblings. Having gotten saved at an early age, Jesus Christ has been at the Centre of her life and this has kept her serving and loving the Lord.

She reminded the congregations that if we truly seek the Lord, we shall truly find him and he will do great wonders amongst us. The Lord expects us to share his love with the next generation in this case our children (Psalms 78:3- 7) and not behave like the generation talked about in (Judges 2:10): Therefore what type of generation are we living behind? The preacher urged the following;
• To the Children; reflecting on (Eph 6:1-3), She reminded children of their responsibility of obeying God and their parents for them to be blessed.
• To the Parents; She reminded the Parents & Adults that children learn by repetition (the more you emphasize Christian values, the more it sticks to their minds) therefore parents ought to take responsibility of daily nurturing their children on God’s word.

Teacher Betty highlighted three core principles that are to be undertaken while raising children in the Christian faith from (Duet 6:4-9);
1. Love the Lord your God Wholeheartedly [Vs 4-5]. She reminded the parishioners that the only form of obedience is to accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior of your life. God desires us to obey and love him whole heartedly. (John 14:15)
2. Teaching [Vs 6-7], She encouraged the parents to teach their children all the time. Parents ought to write on the hearts of their children before the world does (the competing environment e.g. movies, social media, TV, peers, among others). God desires every child to know the truth and not to perish therefore parents are encouraged to invest godly principles in their children (2Peter 3:8-10).
3. Living it out [Vs 8-9] God desires us to be practical in obeying his word and abiding by it. She urged parents to live out their Christian faith rightly because their children learn from what they hear and see them do. Note your behavior as a parent matters a lot before your child.

Guiding Questions and Prayer Items
1. Allow some members share their personal testimony of how they were raised in the Christian faith? Parents share how you are raising your children and even those under your care?
2. Mention some aspects among children today that call for parental guidance. What practical lessons are you required to help them grow into God fearing children and responsible Citizens?( Acts 13:22)
3. Prayerfully reflect on Matt 19:13-15 and remember children worldwide, those vulnerable and allow the Lord use each one of you to raise a God fearing generation.

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