Rev. Dr. Medad Birungi concluded the January Theme of Unlocking Family Potential for Divine Destiny through Prayer on a Sub Topic Contending for the Destiny of the Family based on 1 Samuel 17:48-58 and John 16:29-33. He defined ‘to Contend’ as to fight with the enemy for control or to struggle. He pointed out that the Family is under attack all over the World in all aspects of life. He reminded worshippers that none of them is an accident on this Earth! He further asserted that God created us for a Reason, Mission, and a Season and one of the reasons He created human beings is to fight for the destiny of their Family.
The Preacher pointed out Steps of how Worshippers can emulate David’s character on how he contended Goliath and these include:
1. Recognize your giant/stronghold and understand how to contend against it [vs. 4-10], come out of rebellion; and be ready to be used of the Lord. [1 Sam16:1];
2. Be consecrated to God and be filled with the Holy Spirit which would enable you over come fears; be of courage and confront the giants! Have intimacy with God in both your private and public life.
3. Be dissatisfied with the status quo and overcome discouragement. Show up, be prayerful [vs. 22-28], have a testimony of having fought smaller giants before you attack the bigger one [vs. 37].
4. Where your own amour [vs. 38-39] don’t carry other people’s amour. Go to the river – a place of intimacy with your God and seek Him.
5. Remember to choose special weapons: Jesus is the living Stone and call upon the Name of the LORD; v. 40.
6. Don’t be intimidated by the enemy however huge it might be! Our God is in control. Prophesy to the giants; [vs. 41-48] no matter the circumstance around you and choose special weapons to guard you.
7. Go on the offensive [vs. 49 when you pray and finish the job well [vs. 50]. Finally celebrate your victory; [vs.52-53] and have a Testimony to thank God for when the Mission is Accomplished [1Sam18:6-7].

Guiding Questions and Prayer Items
1) Meditate on I Samuel 17:47-48: what lessons do you draw as an individual as well as the Cell group at large?
2) As a Home Cell, prayerfully resolve to surrender ‘those giants’ in your Life, Family, Community, Church and Nation unto the Lord for He will surely deliver you.