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On Christ the solid Rock I stand; All other ground is sinking sand!
The Revd. Canon Christine Shimanya Shared on the Topic Hope that does not disappoint and focusing on Romans 5:5-11 and John 16:12-16 respectively. The Preacher pointed out that Uganda as a Country needs Divine intervention to avert the enormous Vices and Issues that have negatively impacted on the Christians – to include increased Corruption, High rate of Cancer, HIV/ AIDS, Hepatitis B, rampant Accidents to mention a few! What happens in the spiritual realm manifests in the physical realm: hence the urgency to seek God’s intervention? Canon Shimanya also urged the Congregations to stop sinning and repent, remain committed to the Word of God; and to pray unceasingly [Jeremiah 33:3].

The Preacher mentioned that Hope that does not disappoint incorporates the Love of God as well as having Faith in God [Hebrews 11:1] and never to invest their hope in earthly things [1 Peter 1:3-7]. Canon Shimanya pointed out that the benefits of Hope to a Believer include being a friend of God, enjoying spiritual blessings in Christ and receiving His glory, being confident by the help of the Holy Spirit, and allowing the power of the Holy Spirit to impact our Lives through the study and reading of the Word of God.

The three (3) Congregations were cautioned to be mindful of the gates the Devil uses to corrupt us namely; through the mind, heart, eyes, feet, words and actions he predestines; as compared to the three [3] things that touch God’s Heart and these include: Being a servant of God, worshiping and seeking God in his temple, studying and living according to his word.

The Preacher pointed out that faith enables Christians pass the test in their tribulations. For example, Job didn’t complain or change his mind [Job 1:22 and Job 42:7-8] for this reason he was blessed and bestowed.

The Preacher pointed out some principles that strengthen our hope:
1) God remains God no matter the situation we are going through;
2) We need to revere God, know God and understand who He is – which enhances our faith whatever circumstances we face;
3) We should develop and grow our Godliness [Job 13:15];
4) We should develop Humility in Repentance in all our dealing with others;
5) We should be patient and Embrace suffering [ Luke 2:25-40];
6) We should always rejoice and soldier on no matter the storm(s) we face – for Tribulation(s) is part of the Christian journey. Jesus Christ is our Rock and Salvation.

Guiding Questions and Prayer Items
1) In light with the above message, what do we learn from Job’s Life story? (Job 1: 6-22 and Job 42: 7-16)
2) As Christians, mention the things that burdened you? Are you compassionate? Are you grieved concerning these matters?
3) As a Cell, prayerfully commit the above mentioned burdens to God and positively resolve to do your part in reducing the burdens you have mentioned.

Revd. Canon Erisa Grace Sentongo
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