Christmas Day, The Most Revd. Stanley Ntagali – Archbishop for the Church of Uganda and at the same time the Bishop of the Diocese of Kampala preached to the three (3) ASC Congregations on the Theme: ‘Born to be King’ reflecting on Micah 6:1-4 and Lk. 2:1-14 concurrently. His Grace observed that Christmas was a central point where all Christians World over converge to celebrate the birth of our Lord and Saviour – a Prince of Peace.



The Archbishop reminded the Congregations on the following salient Issues, namely:

  • Let the birth of Christ have a symbolic meaning to each of the Worshipper: he paused the Questions: ‘What does the Birth of Christ mean to you? Should Christmas be a point of spending and enjoyment alone or a point to reflect and celebrate the Prince of Peace? He also cautioned the Congregations to desist from being nominal Christians!
  • Following Christ and allowing Him to be born in our lives should reflect a transformed person with a total change of mind and attitude in all the different levels of our living;
  • Amidst a World encompassed with hatred, land grabbing, wars, animosities, Family disputes, domestic violence; the Archbishop called on all the Worshippers to accept Christ and turn to His ways as he is our source of blessings;
  • The Archbishop also cautioned the worshippers on excessive greed and accumulation of money: Money is good and godly but all money received in wrong ways compiles negative Cases against the owner who is punishable by God!
  • In a situation when many people and especially the Youth lack employment and funds to use for sustainability – resulting in turning to deviant ways like sexual immorality, drugs abuse; the Preacher urged the parents and guardians to be present and available for the Youth!
  • The Archbishop also raised his voice on the excessive inflow of Refugees in the Country that has to an extent disrupted the peace and economy of the Nation. He vehemently called upon the Government to address this matter as well finding lasting solutions to the increasing poverty which is affecting the population.

In conclusion, His Grace pointed out that though Mary was received in a Manger [a place that was filthy and dirty], the Congregations should guard against the manger life style and allow Jesus to be born in their heart and not on their lips! The Archbishop caution the Youth to desist from pornography and excessive use of social media; and let Jesus be reflected in their positive living. His birth paved way for His atonement for our sins: we therefore should reflect His original Mission.

The Archbishop also cautioned the Religious Leaders not to miss the goodness of Jesus birth on Earth but to be humble just like the Shepherd were and took the opportunity to welcome Jesus on earth. Clergy therefore should always listen to His still Voice and subsequently serve as agents of change amongst the worshippers.

His Grace appealed to the Congregations to embrace Jesus as Lord and Saviour, and cross through from 2017 to the New Year with hope and transformation in their Homes, Families and Government. Only the Prince of Peace can cause that change; He is our Hope, reigns in all Changes – the same yesterday, today and tomorrow.

It has been a pleasure to link and closely follow up with you the whole of this Year through this Home Cell Page. What a blessing that men and women of God have fed us regularly. May God continue to build us, mend us and enrich us further for His Kingdom when we read this Home Page. Have a blessed New Year.

Revd. Canon Erisa Grace Sentongo
[Priest in Charge: Home Cells and Pastoral Care]
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