Shalom brethren! Last Sunday’s topic: Work as Worship [2 Cor 5:16-21 and Eph. 6:5- 9]. We worship God by giving him reverent honor and homage as Father of our Lord Jesus who redeemed us through his son. Work runs through the scriptures. Right at creation; God tells Adam and Eve to be fruitful and increase in number; fill the earth and subdue it. To manage and rule over every living creature. God venerates the concept of work. He put them in the Garden of Eden to work it and take care of it. Jesus said to them; “my father is always at work to this very day and I too am working. Paul testified to the church in Thessalonica; how he used his own hands, preached the gospel, argued in councils, travelled and the making of tents and was not a burden to anyone.He urged them to work with their own hands oth- erwise those who don’t work shouldn’t eat. Note: As you work, you have a highermaster and that’s Jesus Christ to whom you will be accountable to; For he expects us to know his will and obey him as we do our work and in so doing we glorify him.

The following are 5 traits of ethical Christian service that makes work worship.

1) Regarding Work as worship should be the primary responsibility of every Christian. Worship is reverent honour to God and if work is worship it means that whatever we are doing should be geared to glorify God. As you serve your earthly master know that you are also accountable to your heavenly master therefore you should do everything so that the Lord is honored and dignified.

2) We should do our work respectfully; [Eph. 6:5]. As Christians, we ought to do our task[s] eagerly and willingly to please those that have given it us so that the purpose for which we have been tasked is fulfilled.

3) Sincerity; Obey your servants with a sincere heart. As believers, we should do the will of God from our heart. Sincerity, honesty and integrity should char- acterize our work which should translate into worship. Desist from laziness, Greed, corruption, cheating, and poor supervision among others for these portray insincerity and being dishonest. God is calling us to look at work as worship.

4) We should do our work; Knowing that we are doing it from our hearts [con- scientiously] [vs 6] Once you do your work well, there is a reward at the end, you feel happy, no guilty conscientious, no condemnation in your heart. Therefore serve the Lord with all your heart. Whatever your task is, do it with all your heart knowing that you are serving God and not Man.

5) We ought to do our Work charitably [vs 9]. Treat the people you supervise with dignity and with charity. Remember that they too were created in the image of God. Treat all those that you are working with- with the love of Christ. Do your work well that Christ is glorified and many get to know him as their personal Lord and savior.

Guidelines and Questions

1) Why is work regarded as worship in this passage?
2) What motivates you to work?
3) Pray for one another and resolve to worship God in whatever we do.

More Study Helps: Gen 1:28, 2:15, John 5:17, 2nd Thes 3:10, 1st Thes 2:9, 4:11-12, Col. 3:22-24 Cell and Pastoral Care Desk