Mr. Sam Ewou preached to the three [3] ASC Congregations on the sub Topic “Unlocking Divine Favor through Prayer” drawing Biblical references from Daniel 6:10-12 and John 11:38-44 correspondingly. The Preacher enlightened the Congregations that divine favor is Biblical which at times may get locked up due to certain hindrances beyond human control; which can only be unlocked through fervent prayer. He also reminded Christians that one of Jesus’ main objectives during His earthly ministry was to proclaim and announce the Year of the Lord’s favor [Luke 4:19]. The Preacher pointed out that:

  • God positioned Anna and Simeon in the Temple Courts in spite of their background and circumstances [Luke 2:22-40] and they spent the rest of their lives protecting the birth of the one who was the ultimate Favor of the Lord. Both prayed rigorously to the Lord until their promise was fulfilled. All Christians therefore ought to emulate them.
  • Simeon and Anna were moved by the Holy Spirit and made the announcement on seeing the salvation of the Lord. He pointed out that when God gives you an assignment to fulfill [like Anna and Simeon], allow the Holy Spirit to work within you to move inline and fulfill your God given purpose effectively.
  • In the same regard, Daniel had waited in prayer, petition and fasting [Daniel 9:2-3] for 21days.
    Christians therefore are encouraged to present their burdens to God no matter how long it may take! The Lord hears them. The same applied to Jacob [Genesis 49:28]. Mr. Ewou asserted that as Elders in the Family, Church and Nation should not be afraid of any season but focus to releasing blessing and anointing the next generation.
    The Preacher reminded the congregations to focus on prayer just like Daniel did especially as some battles we face are spiritual; and the enemy uses them to hinder us from receiving God’s favor!

Guiding Questions and Prayer Items

    1. Allow some members to share how they have experienced God’s divine favor and how they have over come some battles through prayer.
    2. Prayerfully mediate on Psalms 30:5 no matter what circumstance you are facing now as an Individual, Family, Church and Nation.