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Tukutendereza Yesu! The out powering of the Spirit on the People of God [commonly referred to as Pentecost Sunday] was marked on the 20th May 2018 in all the four (4) Services at the Cathedral. The Preacher pointed out that on Pentecost Sunday, Christians worldwide are reminded and also celebrate the Gift of the Holy Spirit whose generic Functions include: convicting the World of their Sin(s), convicting the Christians to repentance, revealing to the Christians God’s righteousness; and also demonstrating Jesus Christ’s judgment over Satan.

Focusing on the Sunday Topic; ‘Cultivating Character that produces Hope’ and drawing Biblical references from Jn. 16:5-11 and Rom. 5:1-5, the Revd Canon Erisa Grace explained that human beings are captivated and emerged with a dual state of being [call it a double state of Christian Living]: on one hand we are made complete and secure in Christ YET again in the same being we are growing daily in Christ – to strive and become like Him!
Cultivating a Character that produces hope demands and calls us to do the following:
a. To appreciate and understand that we have entered a place of undeserved privilege through the death and resurrection of our Lord! We are declared NOT guilty and are His Friends and children [ Jn. 15:15; Gl.4:5];
b. To recognize that in future we shall become and reign with God in Eternity; BUT as of now, we must overcome all challenges. Our suffering is not in vain – for God uses our suffering to build our Character [Rom 5:3-4];
c. Our suffering and problems we encounter daily can deepen our desire, love, trust and obedience to God;
d. Our patience is tested every day [ Jam. 1:2-4]
e. Character(s) that is rooted in God enables us as Christians to see beyond ALL circumstances!
f. The STRONGER our character is, the deeper and greater the HOPE!
g. Our suffering then is predestined by God and as Christians we MUST believe, endure and trust in Him with hope that passes all understanding.

Cultivating a Character that produces hope also demands that we:
1.  Acknowledge that Character is not downloaded, rather it is a choice which can be built only and never bestowed!
2.  Allow your character to be identical with maturity, respect for God, developing prayerful life, integrity, standing in and out for others in need[ compassion] and above all seeking out for moral wholeness!
3.  Lastly let us remember that character develops more during our trials and temptations. Let us master our next trials: as maturing Christians we should never give up when we are tested. Let us use our trials as an opportunity to build our character(s).

Guiding Question and Prayer Requests
a. When you and I reflect on the successes, trials and challenges we have encountered, do we see a Hand of God in it?
b. How have some of the trials in your Christian journey strengthened your walk with God?
c. May the Lord strengthen you; uphold one another in prayer not forgetting your Family, Church and Nation? [Rom 12:12]

Revd. Canon Erisa Grace Sentongo
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