cellssPraise God Brethren! Continuing with the Cathedral August Theme of ‘Family Economy’ the Rev. Hillary Jaffu the Priest in Charge of Social Services & Initiations at ASCK exposed a sub Theme “Do not serve two Masters” deriving biblical references from 1Corinth 10:14-21 and Luke 16:10-13) concurrently.

When God saves and delivers you, he wants you for Himself, Revd Jaffu emphatically stated. He clarified that serving two ‘Masters’ is a spiritual foundation with negative connotations which can be likened to one who blends different types of fruits to make a cocktail juice! He further explained that Christians today think [and wrongly] that they can blend God and serve Him alongside other worldly desires/ masters. Our God who delivers us uproots that misnomer and He encounters; by freeing us as it happened to Paul while in prison [Acts 16:26]. The Preacher under scored the following points:

  • Christians must shift their focus on the created things and direct it to worshiping God and their Creator and a Master of our lives.
  • Serving one or two Masters requires making a choice [Joshua 24:15-16] either by being free to surrender and worship whom you want to serve, and or to choose the consequences involved: you either take God’s Way or the other consequences;
  • Since the Fall of man Christians have approached God with an investment mentality (depositing money in more than one business)! Serving two Masters may end up in lack of patience and not of waiting upon one Master/God [Psalms 40:1; Luke 9:62]. Obedience to God results in abundance of blessings in our Families, Marriages, Businesses and places of Work;
  • While other Masters load it over you, Jesus Christ bears our burden and carries our yoke [Matt 11:29-30]. We are called to be Warrior Believers who should spend most of our time calling upon divine power that has the ability to destroy every strong hold; unlike the worrying Believers who spend most of their time thinking about worldly situations!

Finally Revd. Jaffu cautioned Christians from wavering between two opinions specifically on matters of Faith. He urged Parishioners to be consistent in their conduct and walk with God. “How long will you waver between two opinions?” [1Kings 18:21].

Guiding Questions and Prayer Items

  1. As a Cell, spend quality time to share some of your experiences on how you have wavered between two opinions? What were the consequences and how did you overcome them?
  2. Draw lessons from this Scripture [Exodus 14:1-31] and where appropriate, make applications.
  3. Prayerfully meditate on Isaiah 30:21 and allow the LORD to reign in your Life, Family, Church & Nation.

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