Home Cell Group during a session

Home Cell Group during a session

May the Name of the Lord be praised! Last Sunday Rev. Capt. Gideon Mwesigwa Muhiima preached to the four [4] Congregations on the Topic: “Evil communications corrupts good manners” drawing Biblical references from 1 Corinthians 15:22-33 and Luke 22:39-48 concurrently. He observed that Media in its day to day utilization has been misused as a mode of communication [ranging from TVs,  newspapers, Internet/social media] and some of the following challenges have arisen:

Sections of the Congregations have become so engrossed in themselves and deviant to their primary purpose in life. Media demands to “Live for self, Live for now, Live for pleasure”. Life is all about work, achievements and ambition; other than contentment, settling down, and living for others!

  1. Sections of the Congregations have forgotten that they are a blessing and instead seek/chase blessing! Self-styled Pastors [Super Apostles’ and Prophets] seek wealth from Congregations by manipulative, godless and wicked displays of spiritual gymnastics! They wreck homes, destroy lives and in a way leave entire generation in disarray!
  2. Selfishness is the order of the day and people are dehumanized through un healthy competition, ungodly promotions, and immoral life styles. Media has popularized indecent cultures and advanced immoral value systems. It lifts up personalities and disposes character as well as destroying legacies.
  3. The Preacher pointed out that our principles of engagement as Christians are not biblically based and we have become activists and reactionary Christians. The ideas of turning the other cheek, reconciliation, forgiveness, restoration and discipleship as seen in Scripture have become alien in our Churches today.
  4. The Preacher posed a challenge to the Congregations and inquired on the extent and influence of Media to the different Families. Does Media lift up Families and individuals? Are you encouraged and charged to be the difference people want to see in you? Or do we feel like fleeing our God forsaken land. Is Media your mode of Parenthood? Is your child being raised by TV and the phone because you have no time?
  5. Return to the truth: Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life [John 14:6]. Wake up! and Pray so that you may not fall into temptation.

Guiding Questions and Prayer items
1. Reflect on 1Cor 15:33-34: Using any means/form of Media allow some members share their personal experience/situation how they misused Media? How did you overcome it?
2. What is expected of you as a Christian [Romans 12:2 and Philippians 4:8]?
3. Spend time in Prayer and surrender the above mentioned challenges and Obstacles to the Lord.

Revd. Canon Erisa Grace Sentongo
[Priest in Charge: Home Cells and Pastoral Care]
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