cellssPraise God Brethren! Rev. Irene Akankwasa – a Priest in Charge of Prayer and Intercessions shared on the Theme “Counting the Cost of Service” and drawing biblical references of Dan 6:10-28 and Matt 16:24-28. Her sermon focused on four vital (4) aspects namely:

Serving God as an assignment on Earth and what is required of us
• The Preacher reminded the three (3) congregations that each one of them has an assignment here on Earth. God has set apart each one of us to do good works (Eph. 2:10) as a disciple of Christ and He expects us to bear two (2) Fruits;
• The first one is to share our Faith with those who have not yet encountered the risen Lord and subsequently win their souls for him [Matt 28:16-20]; and secondly to grow and bear the fruit of the Holy Spirit in our Christian walk (Gal 5:22-23);
• That every Christian therefore MUST deny himself first, take up the Cross to fulfill the calling for discipleship and finally surrender to the Lordship of Christ daily;
• [Referring to Daniel; Simon Peter, James Andrew, Philip, Thomas, Jude, John & among others in the Bible as well as some Ugandan Contemporary Martyrs i.e. the Uganda Martyrs, Arch Bishop Janan Luwum & Bishop Hannington].
• Rev. Irene urged Parishioners to know the level of their calling and ensure that they resolve to part with anything that may defile them such as worshiping Idols, accepting Bribes, Adultery, Fornication, telling lies, Associations with non-believers,
anger and corruption to mention but a few. The overriding lesson learnt is that Daniel faced challenges but he never renounced his Faith.
b). Her personal testimony and calling into ministry and What it has costed her:
• Amidst her prospective career and future aspirations, Rev. Irene decided to join theological training which some members of her family desisted;
• She pointed out that even as Clergy when she is fully satisfied with Ministry work, she in most times does not have quality and quantitative time with her husband & children let alone close friends!!;
• Amidst that challenge, she thanks God for her husband and family who have endured and supported her; and more so God’s grace that is always sufficient in her doing Ministry.

Guiding Questions and Prayer Items
1) As an individual, share your personal testimony of what it has costed you in denying yourself, taking up your Cross and following Jesus Christ daily? What fruit(s) have you obtained from seeking & serving Him? (Rev 12:11).
2) As a Cell, carefully read and study the Scriptures above and come up with some concrete solutions that lead you to become an effective and efficient disciple(s).
3) Reflecting on Rev. 3:19-22, prayerfully reflect on the message in light of being a faithful witnesses of Jesus Christ.

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