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May the Name of the Lord be praised! ASCK was blessed to host the UCU Chaplain Rev. Canon Dr. Rebecca Nyegenye who preached in the three (3) services on the Topic; “Aligning to God’s will” based on Romans 12:1-2 and Matthew 6:9-14. She reminded the Congregants that right from Genesis, God created mankind with good intentions of living in accordance to His will but man sinned and violated God’s will.

Canon Nyegenye stressed out that though man continued to sin, God still had a plan for mankind [Gen 6:5-8] and he had to raise men and women who stood the test of time for example Noah, Abraham, Moses, Joshua, Caleb, Deborah, Ruth among others. Rev. Canon Dr. Nyegenye also challenged the parishioners that though we claim to know God, many times we pretend to honor Him yet truly our hearts don’t [Romans 1:18]. Paul’s letter to the Romans also reminds us that we all have sinned and have fallen short of the glory God. [Roman 3:23, 6:23]
• She informed the Christians that being Aligned to God’s will is a process, it’s not a one-day thing; but rather to make a decision by examining your lifestyle and then begin to put it in order. In references to Romans 12:1-2, Canon Nyegenye emphasized key aspects as mentioned below;
• Salvation is by the Mercies of God. For it’s about the mercy of God that we can worship Him and become what we are. [Romans 9:14-16]
• We ought to offer our bodies as a living sacrifice in order to be Aligned to God’s will; Presenting our bodies as living sacrifice means coming to God without defect or blemish [Romans 6:12-13].
Therefore, our Lives should be instruments of righteousness not of sin: bearing a sweet aroma pleasing in the eyes of the Lord. Knowing that our bodies are God’s Temple. [1Corinth 3: 16-17]
• Spiritual worship is logical and appropriate; it’s not a one time thing of going to Church, for it should be a lifestyle for every Christian. Therefore, we should be worshippers at work, in our homes, on the streets and not only to do it at Church. Aligning to Gods will requires us to worship Him wholeheartedly.
• Living a transformed kind of life is at times painful since it involves to let go of the ungodly practices and be fine-tuned to a straight life bearing a testimony that you are rightly a believer. It makes you leave your comfort zone to a place where God has called you.
• For transformation to occur, it means a change of character and conduct; away from the standards of the world into the image of God. We are therefore given two options, we cannot coexist with both the world and God’s will. And it is only Christ who can bridge the gap since He is the only bridge/means for us to cross over and have renewal of our minds and eventually understand what God’s will is.

Canon Nyegenye challenged the congregations that majority of us live a life of convenience but not being aligned to God’s will. God is in the business of raising a generation of men and women who will not conform to the standards of the world but are being transformed to do his will. We must therefore be willing to surrender our baggages of sin and allow to be pruned such that we bear fruit in the house of God; You may want to live a life that is comfortable for you today but remember judgment is coming, the world and
its standards cannot be compatible to God’s will.

Guiding Questions and Prayer Items
1) As a Cell, mention the things or signs that show how we Christians today have conformed [are conforming] to the patterns of the world?
2) As a Cell, Study [Colossians 3:1-17] mention some of the things God desires us today to get rid of and the Expectations he requires from us to be Aligned to His will? Where possible, Share practical examples.
3) In reference to [John 15:5], prayerfully surrender your Life, Family, Church and Nation to be aligned to the Lordship of Jesus Christ.

Mutabazi Eriya Atukunzire
Home Cell and Pastoral Care Ministry Coordinator