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The previous Sunday ASCK celebrated her Christmas Carol Service and the Revd. Canon Francis Omondi presented a Homily on the Topic “Jesus is Lord” and used Isaiah 50:10-11 and John 1:1-12 as Bible references. Canon Francis is a Diocese of Kampala Canon though a Priest ordained by the Anglican Province of Kenya and serves fully in Kenya.

Canon Omondi reminded the Congregations of the two (2) fundamental Seasons of the Christian Calendar upon which our Christian Faith stands; namely the Season of Advent and Lent. Advent commemorates the coming of Jesus Christ and later after various Manifestations here on Earth through good works, Jesus was crucified, died He resurrected. All Believers therefore await the Second Advent when we may become one and reign with Him in glory.

The Preacher explained and pointed out key aspects that proceeds the Second Advent and include:
1) While the Jews looked forward for a Saviour from the line of David to redeem them from the yoke of slavery, Jesus came on the other hand to establish a Kingdom of God [John 1:1] though his own people didn’t receive Him! He was deliberately rejected but on the contrary those who received Him and believed in His Name became children of God [vs12];
2) Jesus loves you and me and transforms our lifestyles. Congregants should not be surrounded by the Gospel alone but ought to lift their voice unto the Lord to be transformed;
3) When Jesus establishes His glory, He also separates people one from another as a shepherd separates sheep from goats! We should therefore be hospitable and serve the Lord through extending love to all till His Second coming [Matthew 25:31-46]. How does this apply to us as we await for the Second Advent?
4) Congregants are reminded to adhere to the calling of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ: A Call not only to know Him but to also believe and live out His Word. Those who adhere to that Call are never scared of the Second Advent;
5) Christians that have accepted Jesus as Lord and Saviour do not only follow Jesus Christ and just celebrate Christmas as a routine! No! They are tasked to stretch beyond the Christmas Season to reach out and express the love of Christ to all the Nations through sharing the Gospel of the risen Lord.

With a prophetic touch, Canon Omondi urged all Parishioners and Church Leaders to embrace Jesus as Lord and King. They have been endowed with both authority and responsibility in their various locations. As Christians we should therefore emulate Jesus and employ Christian ethics to look out for those in need and share with them.

Guiding Questions and Prayer Items
1) Reflecting deeply as a Team on the five (5) Key Points raised by Canon Omondi, share and discuss transparently how our Lord Jesus Christ knows who you are? Has He had moments with you? Are you His just like God mentioned of Job “have you seen my servant”?
2) As a Team purpose to reach out to those that are around you and celebrate the love of Christ with them.
3) Prayerfully reflect on the first Stanza of the Song: “Joy to The World…” Choose today to inviteJesus Christ reign in your Life, Family, Church and Nation.

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