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Praise God Brethren! Mr. Nicholas Kisakye preached to the 7:30 am and 9:30am Congregations on the Topic: “When one Door closes…” basing on 2 Cor. 12: 7-10 and Matt.16:13-19.

Thereafter the Congregation was transformed into the Annual General Meeting (AGM). Mr. Kisakye pointed out that the principle of closed doors is employed many times to guide her people; specifically, when at sometimes God will slump doors in your face and closes them YET closed doors don’t mean denial from God.

The Preacher pointed out that God can fail the natural things first to convey Supernatural messages to His people – which demands people to seek Him for Divine provision. Suffering for Christians is expected and is seasonal as exemplified in His own suffering on the Cross [Luke 4:1-2[. Mr. Kisakye pointed out the benefits of experiencing closed doors and these include:
a)  It teaches Believers to wait upon the Lord for guidance and direction towards their destiny in life. [Acts 16: 6-10]. Short lived suffering and hindrances [closed doors] are just a test of Faith and we should cling on Him [Numbers 9:15-23];
b) Suffering can be a scenario when God preparers and teaches His people for greater assignments/tasks ahead of them. People therefore should approach God in repentance to restore us and if not done He can cause suffering to us [Hosea 2: 6-16];
c) Closed doors gathers us together and brings us in communion with God, and he cautioned busy Christians who have no time for God to check on this; without which they can experience suffering.
d) God wants to transform our hearts and lifestyles from being stiff necked people and falling short of His Ways and fully depend on Him [Isaiah 30:20-22];

e)  Using the example of Job God allows suffering to His people to teach, equip, listen and correct them [Job 36:7-16];
f) Christians ought to pray for themselves, their Family, Church and Nation.
Mr. Kisakye cautioned Congregations to avoid being rebellious – a character and attitude that destroys one’s destiny: a family, Church or Nation that is divided against its self cannot stand at all . Christians ought to pray and support each other in all circumstances (Psalms 1:1).

Guiding Questions and Prayer Items
1)  Reflecting on the above Message, let the Team Leader allow Members to share their Testimony on the Principle of Closed Door. Let each one briefly share how he/she eventually experienced a divine breakthrough. What Lessons did the Lord teach you then [and currently teaching] you during [that/ this] trying time?
2) As an Individual, Family, Church and Nation, surrender your burdens unto the Lord for He cares for you (Psalm 55:22]

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