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May the Name of the Lord be praised: AMEN! Last Sunday we were blessed to host the Revd. Canon.
Dr. John Senyonyi the Vice Chancellor for Uganda Christian University Mukono who preached to the three (3) congregations at ASCK on the Topic Filled with Knowledge and drawing Biblical references from Exodus 35:31-35 and Matthew 11:25-30. Dr Senyonyi informed the congregations that the ASCK Family was blessed to host the first Sunday Known as the UCU SUNDAY. He informed the 3 Congregations that the House of Bishop had gazetted 24th September as a UCU Sunday; and he was grateful that ASCK had hosted him. He further reminded the Worshippers that the first Schools and Hospitals were founded by Christians and that it was a cardinal responsibility for them to enhance their growth.

Reflecting on the Sunday theme, the Preacher highlighted the following;
• Knowledge in the Bible is both Intellectual and Spiritual and comes from God who is divine;
• Knowledge is supposed to be total, complete and holistic. Institutions of learning should address the spiritual, social, physical, psychological and economic aspect of every child and be able to nurture their talents /gifting such that they are fully utilized to glorify God;
• Knowledge is important for our Living/ Existence and that the only creature that God gave the ability to search for knowledge is a Human Being. Biblical knowledge therefore is much deeper and broader than we think and human brings ought to use it reservedly;
• The Preacher pointed out that the highest knowledge humans encounter is that of knowing God – without Him, our knowledge is misguided and rendered useless! Every Christian should seek God for he is the source of our knowledge.
[1Corinth 12:8]. Everyday God plants new ideas into people’s lives to enable them seek and glorify him: for His knowledge is moral, godly and experiential;
• God’s knowledge also serves a specific assignment/purpose which we have to use for our individual edification as well as benefit of others who do not have it; for example: some are Tailors, Doctors, Lawyers, Engineers, Scientist, Politian’s,
Administrators among others. We should do our work with excellence as well as being accountable to God for all we do. “If you do it the way do it, would it please God’’, he asked the Congregants?
• God is particular about you as an individual and therefore you ought to be mindful of your life style, such speech and actions.
In conclusion, irrespective of who you are, God has given you the knowledge to do good works and He loves you and illustrated in His Victory at Calvary. God therefore makes an Invitation to everyone to come to HIM [Matt. 11:28]: He gives us total rest. This invitation that is extended to all people and has nothing to do with your education, background, social status. God loves you personally and is willing to remove every burden and give you rest.

Guiding Questions and Prayer Items
1. Share your Testimony of how you are using the knowledge of God in your respective Family, School, Work Place, Community, Church and Nation.
2. Study [Psalms 139:1-16] and draw lessons of God’s knowledge of you.
3. Reflect on [Matthew 6:33] and identify specific Areas in your life, Family, Church and Nation where there’s inadequacy. Spend the rest of your time in prayer seeking the Lord to guide to attain knowledge and seek Him wholeheartedly.

Revd. Canon Erisa Grace Sentongo
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