Home Cell Group during a session

Praise God! The Rt. Rev. Dr. Alferd Olwa and Bishop for Lango Diocese preached to the three [3] congregations on the Topic “Empowered to do God’s Will” and drawing reference from Hebrews 13:20-24 and Mark 16:15-20. He extended greetings from Global Anglican Future Conference [GAFCON] that had ended in Israel on the Theme ‘Proclaiming Christ faithfully to the nations’. On the same Sunday,
Fathers Union also commemorated St. Peters Day and 32 Men were enrolled as members of ASC Fathers Union in the 11:30am Service.

Bishop Olwa reminded the Congregants that unless they are empowered and equipped by the Holy Spirit, they cannot know God’s will for their Life, Family, Church and Nation. The Preacher highlighted the following points:
a) God’s will for Believers is to reach out and preach to the lost/sinners, pray for the broken hearted and to release those who are under captivity;
b) The Holy Spirit is God one of the manifestation of the Trinity. Christians today should not only emphasize God the Father and the Son and disregard the Holy Spirit. Being equipped and empowered as a Believer with Holy Spirit is expected and Godly. [Matthew 7:21];
c)  You don’t need a degree or a given academic level to attain the power of the Holy Spirit! For one to be equipped with the Holy Spirit you need to first confess your sins, ask and enable the Holy Spirit to reside in your life; then present your issues/ requests to the Lord so that you are able to do the work and will of God; [Acts 2:38]
d) When the Holy Spirit indwells in you, you will be able to pray, bless and counsel others, and in doing this, you will be equipped in your life, family life, workplace, and in your homes;
e) The Bishop challenged parents [especially fathers]; not to wait for Priests only to Lay hands on their children but they too should be fully equipped and empowered by the Spirit for the work of God for their children;
f) It is the purpose of God that everybody who has come to him must be equipped and bear witness for Him wherever we minister [Acts 1:4-8]; for without the power of the Holy Spirit, it is difficult to do the will of God. He illustrated the above with the Example of Peter [Acts 3:1-10] who as well with other Apostles spread the Gospel through all the ends of Judea, Samaria and other parts of the World;
g) Ugandans therefore need to be equipped by the Holy Spirit and go out to impact on both the City, her outskirts and the entire nation at large. Men in this country need to Wake Up and impart the young generation. Bishop Alfred emphasized that ‘a Church that doesn’t know the equipping of the Holy Spirit is a Church that needs help’.

Guiding Questions and Prayer Items
1) As a Cell Leader, allow some members to share their Salvation Journey experience in regard to being empowered and equipped by the Holy Spirit to do God’s will. [Romans 12:4-8, Ephesians 4:11-13, 1 Corinth 12:4-11]
2) Spend some time in Prayer and call upon the Holy Spirit to reside in your life [Refer to C above].

Revd. Canon Erisa Grace Sentongo
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