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“Blessed are the Merciful for they shall receive Mercy.” [Matthew 5:7]
Rev. John Musa Lakor currently serving as Priest of Resurrection Church Bugolobi preached to the [3] Services on the Topic: “The Call to Love Mercy” basing on Micah 7:18-20 and Luke 6:32-36 respectively. Using his personal testimony Rev. John Musa illustrated ‘The Invitation to the High Table’ in line with the call to love mercy identifying ourselves with those who “eat food while seated on a mat”. The later, he said, are considered spiritually dirty, rejected, and miserable compared
to those seated at the High Table who are thought to be smart, gentle, humble and organized
supposedly whom Christ has chosen to dine with!
God’s grace and mercy are always compatible. The Preacher defined Mercy as taking from us punishment we rightfully deserve or having compassionate treatment towards an offender while Grace is giving to us favor we do not deserve. Extending mercy to people who have made mistakes changes their lives too. He out rightly mentioned four reasons for showing mercy and these include:
i. God has been and is merciful to us. We must also replicate and treat others in the same way that he treated us [Ephesians 2:4-7];
ii. God has commanded you [ and not suggested] to learn to be merciful because he is merciful [ Micah 6:8];
iii. We need more mercy in the future to be considered for the Kingdom of God [James 2:12-13];
iv. He challenged the congregations that showing kindness to others makes others happier in life and delineates them from bondages of the past [Proverbs 14:21];
The preacher pointed out that Christ who is rich in mercy is making a personal invitation to each of us to leave our sinful nature and go unto Him: To dine with Him and enjoy every heavenly blessing [Titus 3:4-7]. In the same vein he also cautioned those at the high table who are not enjoying every blessing before them; but to fully utilize their spiritual gifts, love mercy and also look forward in encouraging others towards the same high table where Christ is seated. The congregations were urged to always bear the following seven acts of mercy and purpose to apply them in their Christian walk:
1) Being patient with people who irritate you;
2) Helping someone who is hurting;
3) Giving someone a second chance;
4) Doing good to those that hurt you;
5) Be kind to those who offend you;
6) Build a bridge with someone un popular; and
7) Value relationships over rules.

Guiding Questions and Prayer Items
1) In your Home Cell Meeting, allow few individuals to share their experiences of portraying Acts of mercy unto others, as well as how they have received it from others.
2) What lessons do you draw from Jesus’ approach to those that he ministered to? [John 8:1-11]
3) Prayerfully Mediate on Revelations 3:19-22: Christ invites us to dine with him and enjoy every heavenly blessing.

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