cellgroup‘Children: A Heritage from the Lord’ – Amen! Praise The Lord indeed all People of God!
The previous Sunday, the 10th September 2017 marked the ‘All Saints Cathedral Kampala Family Day’. This Sunday is specifically gazetted and dedicated by the Cathedral for all the Worshippers in all four (4) Services together with her Affiliate Chapels [like Lweza Chapel and UMI].This is a singular and godly opportunity to come together in unity, worship and fellowship as a Family of God: to thank God for the Church that binds us together on one hand; and above all to express gratitude, for His love, protection, sustenance and guidance as individual Families. This Mega Activity culminated with a Family Meal, a Walk for Christ around Nakasero Hill, some limited Gymnastics and a light Concert performed by the Kids,
Youth Peers Groups and the Elders.

Earlier on in the Holy Communion Service, the Rt. Revd. Dr. Hanington Mutebi who is the Assistant Bishop for the Diocese of Kampala delivered a Homily to over 3000 people [estimated over 1,300 children, 600 Youth Peers and over 1,200 Adults. Basing of Psalms 127:3-5 and Lk. 2:15-17, Dr. Mutebi clearly pointed out that a Family contributes greatly to the building and nurturing of a Nation. Families therefore need to be protected and guided to sustain and provide a locus for Family Order and upkeep of morality. He underscored the following points:
i. That heritage represents tradition and history of a specific group of people. It is in itself a ‘reward’ without compensation literary termed ‘Obusika’ [in Luganda] and ‘Leyo’ [Luo]
ii. Heritage therefore is a ‘gift’ and children belong to God first and parents are stewards of this expensive gift;
iii. Parents [ and responsible Community Members] are called upon to correct them/ rebuke in love and care; for the Children are at the CENTRE of God’s Heart and KEY Actors in the Kingdom of God;
iv. Children are unique and are different from the others: parents need to know their uniqueness and walk with them in correcting them [ Lk. 18:16-18];
v. Children therefore should be allowed to enter the Kingdom of God as Jesus did acknowledge. Parents therefore need to plan, care and avail appropriate time for them;
vi. Parents need to introduce Children to Christ at an early Stage;
vii. Parents should not only see their children BUT should listen to them and allow them to talk to them [parents];
viii. Never choke the children Voices by silencing them and making them “to sit down; rather walk with them, and allow them to talk to you as you listen” Bishop Mutebi concluded.

Guiding Questions:
1. As a Member of the ASC Cathedral Family, how are you modelling Christ to your Children? How are your Children living? Which Testimony about Dad and Mum can our Children as God’s heritage give/share out to the Community about you?
2. Spend Quality time thanking God for our Family as a Cathedral. Specifically lift up a few Issues that you may want God to restore within our Family as a Cathedral and as Nuclear family(ies).

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