The whole of 2017 is devoted to the Major Theme of Family [ Joshua 24:15] and in his Exposition to the three (3) ASC Congregations, The Very Revd Canon Michael Mukhwana who is the Provost for the Cathedral expounded the sub Theme: “The Marriage Covenant”.

The Provost explained the following:
How do we make Marriage Covenant relevant?
• Marriages MUST be taken as lasting bonds between men and women and should not be compromised by threats of traditional trends of marriages, globalization and modernity;
• The Church Leadership [ Priests and Lay Leaders] should spend time to teach and allow people understand the vocation of marriage and link up families with God;
• Marriage Covenants are a constitution between men and God within society: A Society Bond;
• Marriage Covenants therefore provide unconditional love, a unique channel to meet each other’s needs, provides godly off springs and builds a basic Christian Home in a Society.

Distinction between Marriage Covenant and Contract?
• In a Contract you take the other while in a Covenant you give yourselves to each other;
• In a Contract you wish the other to do it yet in a Covenant you ask each other how you can serve one another;
• In a Contract you seek to understand what you will get and meet, yet in a Covenant you give to each other wholeheartedly!
• In a Covenant you have to do what you do yet in a Covenant you just want to do it with out any duress!

Building lasting relationships?
• Couples must pray together amidst challenges and sickness;
• Never use the Word “Divorce’ in your marriage’[Prov.18:21;
• Encourage one another to keep the Covenant [Mt.2:16], do what you promised;
• Couples must therefore confess their sins and regularly re-affirm their marriage covenants; and finally
• Purpose to cleave to each other and to their God.

Guiding Question and Prayer
i. Identify, discuss and point out some Key Issues that contribute to the failure to sustain the Marriage Covenant
ii. Spend the rest of the Time praying for the Institution of Marriage

Revd Canon Erisa Grace Sentongo
Priest in Charge Home Cell and Pastoral Care
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