Praise the Lord! The Revd. Canon Fredrick Baalwa – the Vicar of St Stephen’s Kisugu delivered a Homily to ASCK Congregation on Sunday 8th April 2018 on the Theme ‘Post Resurrection Encounters: Hope and Believing; and drawing his exposition from Lk. 24:13-35 and Ezek. 3; &-10 respectively.

Home Cell Group during a session

From the onset, the Preacher challenged the three (3) Congregations and posed a question: ‘Do issues of Faith we confess daily impact on our lives – both at personal and public levels?’ Canon Baalwa pointed out that the Post Resurrection Encounters and experiences Jesus had with His people then need to be manifested even replicated in our day to day life and actions. He frantically mentioned that in order for Jesus to be relevant in our time, the following must be done:
a. There is need for a conviction about Jesus Christ’s Resurrection especially as His Resurrection was real [Job 19:25-27]. He encouraged the Congregations to yearn for Jesus Christ: we must know, believe and be persuaded that he rose from the dead;

b. There is need for hope against all hopes [Lk. 24:21]! Christians must keep alive even when at times everything is illogical and hope is shattered! Against all hopes we trust and have our only hope through Jesus Christ who is alive for ever; c. There is need to believe rather than to doubt [Lk.24:11, 38] especially as Jesus Christ turns automatically all undefeatable, overwhelming and dead situation to living and peaceful testimonies! Our hope therefore should be founded on the solid rock.

Guiding Questions and prayer items
1. Do you have a conviction of Jesus Christ’s Resurrection? How is this conviction manifested in your day to day living? Mention three practical ways how you are going to spread this conviction to others?
2. Allow time for the members to share and discuss the Question the preacher posed: ‘Do Issues of Faith we confess impact on us as individuals and Church?

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