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May the Almighty Name of the Lord be praised. The Previous Sunday the Ag. Vicar Rev. Canon Geoffrey Byarugaba emphatically shared a Sermon on the Theme “Building a Family Legacy” drawing biblical references from Duet. 28:1-14 and 2 Pet. 1:3-11 respectively. He clearly pointed that a Family descends from a common father. He explained further the Key Word used i.e. ‘Building’ to figuratively imply [mean] a father who assembles things together or strengthens the Family Foundation by increasing on it. On the other hand the Preacher noted that ‘Legacy’ simply focuses on what kind of life we are living and that which we shall leave behind inclusive the inheritance/ possessions that are passed on to a predecessor. God Himself provided a mechanism on how a family legacy ought to be, starting from the creation of Adam and Eve who He gave responsibility and retrospectively blessed them with godly offspring.

Building a Family Legacy therefore entails, among others the following:

  • Deliberate and making wise decisions in the day to day activities we embark on which are learning  experiences for a better tomorrow [Prov. 3:1-8]. Every person should ponder and ask him/herself:
    ‘After we have passed on to glory, what will show [tangible Evidence] that we once lived on Mother Earth?
  • Parents should pass on to their children Life Skills through hard work and honest labour on one hand and also raise up godly men and women. They must invest into their children. [Prov. 22:6];
  • A Legacy(ies] is/are well lived when people relate well with one another, influence others positively and more importantly meet other people’s needs. Canon Byarugaba urged the Congregations to ‘major in the majors’ not on things that don’t count in life;
  • God has endowed people with responsibility at every level and He calls upon individuals to have faith in Christ who provides everything we need for nourishing a complete life. Without God our lives loose meaning;
  • The Preacher cautioned the Congregations that they were not here to stay permanently! Hence Congregations in Church ought to build their lives according to the divine Plan God has destined for each one of them as individuals and Congregations respectively; and subsequently pass on the good morals, virtues and life experiences to others; and
  • That modern Research shows that when people do not leave a legacy behind, their brand/ trade mark and personality will gradually decay; and eventually they are no longer remembered and heard of!!! A good Name is better than Money! [Rev.14:13].

Building a Family Legacy entails that a Christian makes good use of every opportunity while she/he can, and also to spend her/his life style on pursuing Kingdom purposes rather than the worldly pleasures [Col. 3:1-2].

God’s promises are dependable.

Guiding Questions and prayer Requests
1) As an individual are you a Burden or a Blessing to your Family? Does your Family actually feel your presence?
2) Imagine that 90yrs are added on your current Age now! [Life Expectancy for Men is 60yrs and 64yrs for women]. What benchmarks have you set for your life now? Share your Testimony to the Group.
3) Reflectively, prayerfully consider the above in regards to your life, Family and Nation.

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