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“Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity”- [Psalms 133:1].
Laying a foundation on the Theme: Unlocking Family Potential for Divine Destiny to the three [3] congregations and based on Romans 8:28-30 and Matthew 20:20-23, the Provost of ASCK Rev. Canon Michael Mukhwana clearly defined ‘to Unlock’ as means to undo as well as unleashing the stored energy; while ‘Divine Destiny’ is to reach/ come to a place of Christ’s likeness.
He further on reminded the congregations that God created us as relational beings [Gen 1:28-29] but due to man’s fall in [Gen 3]; the relationship between God and man was broken and only restored through Jesus’s redemptive work on the Cross. The Preacher pointed out:
* The manifestations of evil that hinder families from experiencing fulfillment that God has design for them which include among others: Near success syndrome, Night mares (Demonic oppressions), Persistent sickness that defile Medical diagnosis, Marital inegibility & Instability (divorce, separation) to mention but a few. He cautioned that once the above have developed into generational patterns of occurrence, they become a threat that needs to be addressed.
* The Provost on the other hand highlighted some of the hindrances to unlocking the family potential and they include:
Curses, un-confessed sin, cultism, Witchcraft, Idolatry, poor parental upbringing (Child Abuse and Pampering) to mention but a few. Congregations were urged to unlock their family potential by identifying the gates to rewrite your family history;
* The Preacher also explained the process of dealing with the barriers to unlocking family potential which included: By doing Spiritual mapping through identifying patterns of an evil foundations.
* The Provost further highlighted the remedies to these wrong foundations – inclusive: Giving your life to the Lord, identification of sin, covenants/ strongholds and engage in identification repentance, renounce and break the satanic covenants and terms, pray to release the captives within your family, destroy the existing altars; and redeem your family from satanic controls;
* He finally urged the Parishioners to attend teachings at Church for personal deliverance, doing prophetic praying, covenant the family with God’s promises [Ephesians 6: 12-18].

Prayer Items and Guiding Question
1)  As a Cell, reflect on the above message in line with your life, Family, Church and Nation.
2)  Prayerfully commit those hindrances to God such that you can attain full potential for which God created you .