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Praise God Brethren! The Provost of ASCK the Very Rev. Canon Michael Mukhwana preached to the [3] three congregations on the Sub Topic: The Origin and Power of Sin basing on Genesis 1:1-12 and John 8:39-44 concurrently. He pointed out that ‘Origin’ refers to something that springs into being or action yet ‘Power’ is possession of controlling influence.
On the other hand, he defined’ Sin’ as literally missing the mark. He emphasized that Abel’s blood spoke judgment but Jesus Christ’s blood spoke forgiveness and Mercy upon mankind.
The Homily was divided into two [2] parts, namely:

The Origin of Sin
• Everything God created was good and with no wrong doing and the vicious outcomes was a result of man’s selfish actions, like the high level of wickedness, murder, lawlessness, deceit, sexual immorality, hatred and bitterness to mention but a few. The evil we see today points to a deeper problem of the foundation which was passed on by our grandparents Adam and Eve [Romans 3:23];
• Temptation therefore is Satan’s method of initiation to his kind of life and to give up God’s kind of life – something satan dared to do when he tempted Jesus; but he was overcome by Christ who is our Rock and Redeemer, Savior and Friend. The Preacher
assured the congregations that they can’t get away with temptation but there is always a way of escape. [1 Corinthians 10:13]; and
• Worshippers therefore ought to flee situations that the devil presents as compared to the scenario when Eve looked, took, ate and also gave Adam! He reminded Parishioners that the guilty feeling we encounter calls for forgiveness and confession of our sins to God [Gen.3:9-10].

The Power of Sin
• Sin separates us from our Father and results in our punishment to the fourth generation!
‘What is it that is making you run away from the presence of God [Isaiah 59:2], the Provost asked?’;
• Jesus Christ opened a way for us to renew fellowship with our Father through His atonement – hence the roadmap to total forgiveness. [John 14:6]
• Sin alienates man from God and breaks human relationships. God therefore knows us all and we ought to turn to Him to avoid being locked up longer than we would want to stay [Samson and Delilah]. It costs us more than we would want to pay because sin
conceals the actual cost at the beginning; and it also brings eternal separation with our Father. Eventually sin leads us to eternal death! If Worshippers neglect walking in repentance, they won’t see and dine with the Lord!

Guiding Questions and Prayer Items
1. What lessons do we draw from David’s response [a man after God’s heart] realizing that he had sinned as explained in Palms 51:1-18];
2. Spend some time and prayerfully seek God to guide you to recognize that we [Family, Community, Church and Nation] are all Sinners and need God’s guidance to overcome sin.