Praise the Lord! Mrs. Patricia Laaki ministered to the 3 Congregations and focused on the Topic ‘Christ the Chief Reconciler’ and drawing reference from Isaiah 53: 1-7.

Pastoral Care Visit (Canon Alfred and Hellen Kweteisa )

Pastoral Care Visit (Canon Alfred and Hellen Kweteisa )

The Preacher clearly pointed out that Christ was and continues to be a Restorer of broken relationships with and to God. Christ was crushed for our sins [V.5(b)], whipped for our faults and sacrificed as a Lamb [V.7] in order that we are set free and finally reconciled to God through Him![53:4 -5].

As a Chief Reconciler, Jesus Christ did the following:

  1. Christ became a ‘Shoot growing in dry ground’ [V.2] to empower us with new life, unite us with the Father in heaven and finally providing a platform for our complete redemption. However ‘dry’ a Nation is, Christ brings and restores life to it;
  2. Christ took upon our sins and carries then daily: Christ is the center of Man- regularly mending and restoring our relationship with God;
  3. Christ unites mortal men and women amidst our worldly fights! He reconciles us and builds lasting bridges between people of God! The once rejected Christ therefore becomes the focal point of our redemption [V.5(b); 1 Peter 2:24]];
  4. In all, Christ as the Chief Reconciler looks out for ‘wondering Sheep’ [53:6] with conflicting ideas. He reconciles us from ‘dry ground’ and sets a pace for us to restoration to ‘green ground’.

Patricia personal Testimony – encountering Christ as a Chief Reconciler
Patricia narrated a living Testimony of Christ’s Reconciliation! Having been declared a Victim of breast Cancer when she was expecting a baby almost devasted and broke her heart! Amidst that situation, she never lost and cut off her love and fear for the Lord. She proficiently trusted in her Lord, passionately prayed and fasted regularly. God remembered her cries and pleas and totally healed her! She never lost her breast! She was declared cancer free! Two (2) kids have been fed on the same breast now! God’s ways are not women’s/men’s ways! Do you and I have Faith in a Healing God? Praise the Lord. Amen.

Guiding Questions and prayer Items

  1. Spend quality time and share personal Testimonies on how God has in the past and presently become a Chief Reconciler in your Lives. Do you have ‘dry’ and ‘green’ Grounds? How do you address them? You could identify Biblical Examples to support your testimonies; and
  2. Identify specific Areas that require God’s intervention and speak into them generally and finally allow the Team members to pray over them.

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