cellssGreetings in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ! Pastor Laban Jumba shared on the Topic ‘‘Building Oneness In the Family’’ and based his exposition on Ephesians 5:22-6:4 and Matthew 18:21-35 concurrently. He re-echoed the President’s Voice when he declared 2017 as a Family Year in Uganda and outlined Examples of Nations that were built on the foundation of Christian families like the U.S.A and South  Korea. In the same vein he pointed out that various Christian Groups had in the past retrospectively spearheaded the growth movement of their own Countries. Pastor Jumba urged Christians in Uganda to spearhead growth and development in the Family and Nation.

Using his family as an example, the Preacher provided guidelines on how to build Oneness in the Family, and included:
1. He pointed out that Communication is a key element of a godly family without which fabrics of Families get destroyed. This can be illustrated in Genesis 11:5-9 when God wanted Mankind to abandon the project of building the Tower of Babel: He confused their
languages and they couldn’t communicate!
2. Forgiveness stand out as a healthy therapy for a godly marriage/family. It enhances reconciliation and builds strong relationship with one another. Love therefore sets the benchmarks for a godly marriage and provides foundation(s) for apology and harmony (1st Corinth 13:5-6 & James 5:16;)
3. A family that prays together stays together and should therefore establish Altars where they meet daily to meditate on God’s Word and subsequently pray together [Matt.18:19-20];
4. A Family that eats together [1st Corinthians 11:33] also stays together. Fellowship at Table enhances fellowship. It brings great joy, love and happiness to every family member;
5. Families that participate in joint family Projects and related Events i.e. Birthday parties, wedding anniversaries and family outings feel that they are appreciated, knowledged and loved. These activities create great bonds, love and strength in the families (Romans 16:3
-5); and

6. A Family that stand together amidst trials, sickness and any other related challenges experiences the love and godly Hand in sorting out their problems. Unity of purpose in hardship encourages and enhances solidarity and provides comfort and mobilizes great moral, physical and financial support when required from the Friends within and without (John 19:25-27 and Psalms 133:1.

Guiding Questions and Prayer Items
1. Considering the above suggested guidelines, allow Members [if time permits] to share their personal experiences of their respective Families on how they have lived together.
The Chairperson need to outline hindrances, Lessons leant and best practices drawn from each testimony for the Group at the end of the discussions.
2. Read 2nd chronicles 7:14: Prayerfully seek God’s guidance and direction concerning the above obstacles of family togetherness. Pray for unity to prevail in Families across the Nation and the World at large.

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