Praise God Brethren!! The previous Sunday, the preacher of the day Rev. Jasper Tumuhimbise shared on theme; “Abraham & Sarah: Walking in Obedience:” based on Genesis 18:1-15 & John 8:34-41. His sermon entirely focused on five main aspects of walking in obedience with the Lord and the benefits that emanate from it using Abraham & Sarah as best family example in relation to today.

Home Cell Group during a session

Home Cell Group during a session

First and foremost; Walking imagines that there is a certain direction; Walking in obedience assumes that an authority has taken over and one’s direction is determined by power to obey that voice from authority more than any other thing. Using Abraham and Sarah, obedience was portrayed in the following ways;

  1. Obedience in Listening: (Genesis 12:1-5). At the age of 75years, Abram and his family listened to God’s voice and obeyed him. In Gen 18:1 these actions From Abraham represented a lot such as; Seated at the entrance of his tent, represents position; Heat of the day denotes a time. Therefore we as Christians ought to be in the right place and time to hear from the Lord. God speaks through his word, dreams, visions, Priests, Angels, Prophets and people’ among others. Therefore walking in obedience means listening to His voice. When the person obeys: God works!
  2. Obedience in invitation; (Genesis 18:2-3) walking in obedience means inviting the Lord to be with you.
    Abraham invited the three men in his house. Abraham did notice; Saw- ran – bowed down & welcomed them, Pass me not. We ought to invite God in our lives, families, homes, place of work.
  3. Obedience in Giving; (Gen 18:4-8) in waiting, the visitors enjoyed these; rest and water, food and refreshments, bread and meat, curds and milk. God honors givers. Families ought to be givers; the preacher urged parishioners to give tithe, offertory, thanksgiving, also towards ACP; among others. Walking in obedience means giving to God extravagantly; can one describe you as a giver?
  4. Obedience in Service (Gen 18:6-8) Sarah the servant prepared something to eat for the visitors. Abraham served them and stood in waiting. Obedience in service is a personal choice. Wherever God has placed us we ought to serve him faithfully. Biblical examples of Simeon and Anna, Cornelius and Zacchaeus waited upon the Lord in their act of service. Obeying to serve the lord is tiresome but not in vain
  5. Obedience in receiving. God’s blessings Genesis 18:9-10 Abraham in all this received a divine miracle foretold. Walking in obedience gives blessings and adds NO sorrow.

In conclusion; God has spoken to you many times, but are you listening, have you invited him, are you giving and serving? May this year of the family be to you like that of Abraham and Sarah. May God declare something out of the ordinary that will restore your laughter in Jesus Name? Amen.
Guiding Questions and Prayer Items

  1. As a cell member, share personal experiences of walking in obedience to God. If not what might have hindered, you from hearing and obeying God’s word.
  2. In consideration of the above aspects of Walking In Obedience; As a cell carefully study these scriptures & share the lessons learnt; Psalms 100:1-5, (Duet: 5:32-33′ Chp 13:4), Colossians 3:20-25, 1Corinthians 15:58.
  3. In regard to Revelations 3: 20, consider Christ’s invitation in your life, family & Nation; Prayerfully DON’T let the Lord pass you by in all areas of your lives.