Praise God brethren! The overall Theme identified for the Sunday Sermons for Month of November 2016 is the ‘The Word’. Our very own Rev. Canon Erisa Grace Sentongo shared on the sub Theme “The Authority of the Word” extracted from Isaiah 55:10-13 & Matthew 8:8-10 respectively.
His teaching Sermon provided specific overview of the understanding, usage and application of  ‘the Word’ based on the context of both the Old & New Testament. He emphasized that God’s Word is synonymous to God: implying that it is equal to GOD. God’s Word never changes; it is the same yesterday, today and forevermore. It is divine, universal & eternal.

Old Testament Scenario:
God’s word is a command as seen in the story of creation- Genesis1:1-31 saying…“let there be and it was”, Moses given the ten commandments at mount Sinai, God’s word was visible, heard and spoken. It was also expressed in Psalms hymns and songs. God’s Word was evident to Abraham, Moses, the Israelites, the Prophets, Kings like David among others (these
men talked to God & they heard from him).

New Testament Scenario:
Word became Flesh as seen in the Gospel of John (John 1:14): Jesus Christ himself being the Word who came to dwell with humanity and die for Mankind. God revealing himself through His Son Jesus Christ is reflected in all the Gospels.
God’s word must be; Read, Preached & taught properly, Obeyed, Understood clearly, Shared & Ministered properly-Joshua 1:8, James 1:22-25. God’s word; Is Life, is of Truth, is of Salvation, is of Reconciliation in light. The authority of the word is Godly as revealed in the Bible.

Application of the Word:
• It is Living and Action oriented [Hebrews 4:12];
• It is authoritative and a Seed for Christian edification: not transferable [Ps. 24:10 & Dan 4:34];
• It empowers and equips ALL Christians for Ministry and Outreaches – we MUST be equipped and trained in the Word of God [ Mt:28:16-20];
• It heals, provides restitution and rest for those that are afflicted: we must read the Word relevantly and apply it in our various contexts;
• It enhances total transformation and spiritual growth in life of a Believer: God’s word never returns empty [ Isa. 55:11];
• It enables man to glorify God; Being a stepping stone for best practices & good morals – Christians being exemplary for example the lives of Abraham, Ruth, Esther, Daniel, David among others.

Guiding Question and Prayer Items?
1. For our Study and Reflection, simply, Read, Listen and Share key lessons from the BIBLE as you discover the true significance and Authority of God’s Word in these Scriptures identified below: 2nd Timothy 3:16-17, Deut 6:1-9, Revelation 1:8, John 1:1-5, John 14:5-6.
2. Spend time to pray & reflect on the above lessons learnt from the Scriptures read above.

Eriya Mutabazi Atukunzire

Home Cell & Pastoral Care Coordinator