Praise the Lord! The Month of September is dedicated to the theme ‘Mankind’. You and I are pertinent Stakeholders to this and we thank God for being partners with Him- Amen.
The Reverend Canon Dr. John Senyonyi exposed the Theme ‘‘Created in the Image of God’’ and based his sermon on Genesis 1:26-28. He pointed out that Man [ men and women] have a distinct and unique identity in that both are created in the Image of God – Man therefore presents God, i.e. ‘ let us make man in our own Image’ [Gen.1:26]. Three [3] distinct considerations were made:
  • The Fall of Man:
    Even when Man fell short of the glory of God and Sin distorted the Image of God in Adam; both man and woman continued to be special in God’s sight.
    A redeemed man recovers the godly nature and progresses God’s Gospel [Mt.5:43-48].
  • The Likeness/Image of God:Five [5] characteristics of the Image of God were shared and included the Moral [Rom.2], the Spiritual, the Mental, Relational and Physical likeness. In all these, God stands out prominently as all knowing, present and shapes our destiny.
  • Dignity of God:The fact that we are created in God’s Image defines Man’s dignity against any other created being!! We must be worth of dignity in His [God’s] Face.
  1. All Creation have a likeness of God but man has the Unique Likeness.We are therefore special in God’s Sight. In your Home Cell spend time sharing and discussing the Special Uniqueness God has given us. You can focus the discussion on the five [5] Characteristics the Preacher identified in Section B above.
  2. Spend time and identify Key Areas where God need to re-sharpen our 5 Characters mentioned above.
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