Text: Genesis 6:1-22.
In this chapter, we read of God’s hatred for humanity as they increase in wickedness, and we read of His plan to destroy them. However, God was favourable toward Noah and regarded him as righteous. God made a plan to save the lives of a few, so He established a covenant with Noah (vv.18-19). A covenant is a relationship of union, based on oath, sealed by blood. In this covenanting with Noah to save lives, we see a picture of God the Father covenanting with God the Son. Noah did save lives from the great flood, but only on a temporary basis – all the survivors would later die, as all living things do. However, when Christ fulfilled His covenantal obligations, salvation from God’s judgment against our sin will endure for ever and ever. That’s a promise!

Meditate on verses 7-8 and 18-19. How are you going to apply verse 8 to your life and family?

My heavenly Father, I pray that I will always find favor before You. Give me the ability to repent and seek fellowship with You. In the name of
Jesus Christ I pray, Amen.