Text: 2 Timothy 3:14-17

The Bible is a book, obviously, but there is no other book like it. The Bible is God’s only book, and He influenced particular men to write it, using their personal character traits, customs, etc. But the Bible is all God’s work, and every word is His. All other books are strictly human efforts.

The Scriptures are God-breathed. It is like when God created Adam, when He breathed into him the breath of life, and Adam became a living being (Gen.2:7). The writer of Hebrews says, “For the word of God is living and active…” (Heb.4:12,ESV). God’s Word has power to change people, to transform them.

The Bible is the only way we learn about how we can be saved from God’s condemnation for our sin. Scripture is also the only way we learn about how Jesus Christ accomplished that salvation (v.15). And from our passage today we learn that God uses His Bible to mature His people, to grow them in the faith. Psalm 1 tells us about the believer who meditates on God’s word daily. In those days very few people owned a Bible, but the man still meditated on Scripture daily. But you have a Bible, so it is much easier for you to spend time every day in the Word of God so that you can grow in faith. Scripture is food for your soul’s feeding and the source of your transformation.

Meditate on verse 14. How are you going to apply it to your life?
Father, in the name of Jesus Christ, help me to continue in the right teaching of the Bible. Amen.