Text: Esther 5:1-14.
Haman’s obsession with getting rid of the Jews, and Mordecai in particular, deprived him of the excitement due to Esther’s planned banquet (v.13). God gave Esther wisdom which she used by delaying the revelation of the enemy of the Jews. This gave Haman ample time to make fool of himself through boasting. He was provided with all sorts of counsel from his friends, including his wife, Zeresh, who advised him to kill Mordecai first and go for the feast with the King and Esther. Haman liked the idea, gallows were raised ready to
hang Mordecai, the very gallows he was hanged on later. Surround yourself with godly friends, not puppets, sycophants and “suckers”. Friends who can give you “an unpopular” advice. Friends who will ask you hard questions as you account for your life. Put Christ in control of your life and the spirit of pride in you will be killed!

Meditate on verse 11-12. How can you avoid such scenarios in your life and family?

Father, I pray that You turn the joy of my enemies especially the enemies of Your church into misery. In the name of Jesus Christ I pray. Amen.