Text: Job 1: 1-22
Job was wealthy. However, the Lord allowed the devil to torture him (Job 1:12). Job never cursed God in response, as the devil had thought he would (v.11). On the contrary, Job responded by accepting the reality that his suffering was allowed by the Lord and he blessed Him (vv.20-21).

Jesus Christ under great distress in Gethsemane accepted the reality that He was here to fulfill His Fathers will, that was to die for the elect (Mark14:36). In distress, Jesus turned to God in prayer (vv.35-36). At all times, especially in distress, leaders should focus people to God! You should turn to God in every circumstance because He allows us to go through varying situations for His own glory!

Meditate on Mark 14:38. How are you going to respond to it?
Father, in the name of Jesus Christ, teach me how to watch and pray. Amen.