Text: Acts 16:1-40).
When the Holy Spirit converts a person, s/he is brought into a covenant relationship with God. But God does not covenant with individuals only. He includes families (vv. 14-15, 30-33). The greatest example of that is found in Gen.17:14. God covenanted with Abraham, gave him the sign of the covenant (circumcision) and commanded that all the males be given that sign, beginning with those who are 8 days old! God still includes families in His covenant.

There is a lot of debate about baptism in the churches – who should be baptised and how. There is even disagreement about the verses read for today. When Lydia believed, she was baptised, and so was her household, though nothing is said about their faith. When God puts a child into your home, the child is part of the covenant community and is discipled by the covenant God, so put the new covenant sign upon the child – baptism. That
child belongs to God.

How are you going to apply verse 25 to your life?

My heavenly Father; I pray that I will always praise You even in the midst of difficult situations. Amen.