Text: Genesis 25:1-34.
When Sarah died, Abraham married Keturah, and she bore for him many sons. But God’s covenant promise went to none of them. Before Abraham died he only gave gifts to Keturah’s sons, but everything of his inheritance he gave to Isaac. It’s not because he didn’t love Keturah’s sons, but he was
showing faithfulness to Yahweh’s spiritual covenant promises through Isaac. God shows kindness to all His creatures (Matt.5:45), but only those
who belong to His covenant grace in Jesus Christ do inherit eternal life.
Yahweh gave twin boys to Isaac, Esau (the first to come out) and Jacob.

According to tradition, the older son gets the greater inheritance and responsibilities, but not this time. God’s covenant blessings will be through
Jacob, to show that God’s covenant blessings are entirely His work of grace alone (Rom.9:11-12). Our salvation has nothing to do with us. Everything
about it is accomplished by Jesus Christ and given to us freely by grace. To God alone be the glory.

Meditate on verses 5-6. What lesson are you learning from those verses?

Father, in the name of Jesus Christ, I pray for spouses to be faithful to each other so as to avoid confusion in their respective families. Amen.