Text: Genesis 38:1-30.
The story of Joseph is necessarily interrupted. Let’s notice first that Judah has married a woman of Canaan, which is forbidden for the covenant people. You will have to read the story, but at one point, Judah then had sex with his daughter-in-law. Is she also a Canaanite? – perhaps. But it does appear that there is danger that the covenant people will become mixed with the Canaanites. When Joseph becomes Prime Minister, he will bring all his family to Egypt, where the covenant and the covenant people will be protected.

This principle still applies to us. The Lord Jesus commands that we not mix with unbelievers in this way (1 Cor.7:39). Solomon was drawn away, spiritually, by his many wives (1K.11:4). We must not be. What fellowship does righteousness have with unrighteousness? (2 Cor.6:14). Such a marriage endangers your salvation and the salvation of your children. Christians must only marry Christians!

Meditate on verse 12-19. How have you underestimated sin in your life? (Verses 17-18)

Father, in the name of Jesus Christ, forgive me especially where I have underestimated the power of sin around me. Give me the ability to flee from evil, Amen.