Text: Acts 15:1-41.
The Lord is extending His kingdom beyond the nation of Israel to include persons from other nations. In Acts 15 we read that a question was asked about these gentile converts to Christ: do they need to become Jews (which included circumcision) as part of becoming a Christian? (vv.1-5). It seemed to make sense, and God used to require circumcision for His people (Gen.17:14). But the decision of the council was, “circumcision is ended”. God’s purpose for the nation of Israel, for the temple, for circumcision, etc., all of it was finished. Jesus fulfilled everything required in the Old Testament.

The question of circumcision is still debated in many churches today, but the answer is this: Circumcision is not commanded by God for any reason; not for salvation, not for church membership, not for marriage, not for any reason.
If you want to be circumcised, you are free to do so. If you don’t want to be circumcised, then do not. It is your choice. If your clan has a certain practice that you feel duty bound to follow, then go a head as long as it does not go against the beliefs and practices of Christianity. But God no longer requires circumcision, as a condition of covenant relationship.

Meditate on verse 6. To whom are you accountable?

Father, I pray for men and women of integrity who can give godly counsel no the affairs of the Church, and communities. In the name of Jesus Christ I pray, Amen