Text: Proverbs 31:13-15
This woman is diligent about her work of providing for her family. She intentionally seeks for the right materials, refusing to accept some other product or something of lesser value. When she finds what she needs, she eagerly and gladly makes garments for her family. Comparing her to merchant ships is a huge compliment.
A community is excited when they see merchants arriving. This woman’s family is even more elated when they see her out looking for goods and making things, because her family knows that most of her creations are for their benefit. This kind of service will be perfected by Christ’s people in His eternal Kingdom, even as Christ provides the needs of His people.

Service to others is the work of Yahweh’s sustaining grace. Humanity is generally self-focused (that is why Adam and Eve made coverings for their naked bodies). But God’s grace given commonly to all humanity causes us to look to the needs and enjoyment of others, even as God does. However, all of us still have a lot of selfishness. When we do our jobs, it is very easy to do only the minimum required, to complain, to be envious of others, to work only for our self-interests. For work to serve as worship, you must work hard for your employer, assist your colleagues, have your family’s well-being at your heart, especially by bringing home ALL the wages (keeping nothing for self), giving the tithe to the Lord, and helping others whenever possible.

Meditate on verse 14. How are you going to apply it to your life?
Father, in the name of Jesus Christ, make me like a merchant ship bringing goods from afar to my family. Amen.