Text: Psalm 3:1-8
In the introduction before verse 1 (which is verse 1 in the Hebrew language), King David tells us that he wrote this Psalm about the time when he was being chased by his son, Absalom, who was trying to steal the throne. Absalom had gathered an army against his father, chased him out of the territory, trying to catch him and kill him. David had loyal people with him, but it still must have been frightening. In this Psalm, David says the enemies were many, but he cried out to Yahweh; the Lord heard him, and became a Shield for the King. David’s trust in God was so strong that he was able to sleep, even with enemies close behind him!

That kind of absolute trust was necessary for our salvation. Jesus entrusted Himself into His Father’s will when He (Jesus) was arrested, mocked, beaten, and nailed to the cross, as His enemies tried to take His Kingdom from Him. Jesus trusted His Father. We all know what it is like to be awake in bed all night, sleepless because of worry. That is not trust.

When such times are upon us, we must get alone with the Lord and pray, focused prayer. Pray for grace so that you can trust. Our Heavenly Father will answer such prayers, and you can have a restful night of sleep, even in the midst of troubles.
Meditate on verse 5. How are you going to apply it to your life?
Father, in the name of Jesus Christ, in the midst of challenges help me to rest secure in You. Amen.