Text: Luke: 9: 1-62.
This chapter comes to a major turning point in verses 18-22 as Peter confesses Jesus as the Christ and as Jesus moves to Jerusalem to suffer and accomplish what He came to do on earth (vv. 50-51). Before these verses, the Gospel story shows how Jesus is still beyond everyone’s comprehension although people continue to respect His teaching (vv.7-9, 19, 38). However, after Peter’s confession in verse 20, we see Jesus beginning to teach His twelve apostles about what is involved in following Him (vv. 21-62). The message here presents two pictures: First, the majority who hear of Jesus and discuss Him but will not follow Him represented by Herod (vv. 7-9, 41). Second, the minority represented by Peter who are moved by the Spirit of God to follow Jesus and are marked out by self-denial and bearing one’s cross (vv. 57-62).

Meditate on verses 23-26. How should Jesus disciples live? What does Jesus’ references to Himself teach us about what is involved in ‘loosing” our lives?
What does this mean in practice for you?

Father, help me to understand Your will for my life so that I may continue to live for You in my daily life. In the name of Jesus Christ I pray, Amen.