Text: Genesis 40:1-23.
To Joseph it could seem as though his circumstances have become irreversibly worse, when in fact he was closer to being exalted. Joseph was forgotten by man (v23), but not by God. He needed to trust God Adam refused to trust God for blessings, which is, in part, why

Adam disobeyed and ate the forbidden fruit. God intends His people to trust Him in all things. If we are always given pleasant paths in life, trusting God would be unnecessary. The difficulties of life are intended by God to force us to look to Him and grow in our trust in Him. The earthly life of Jesus was filled with difficulties and devils, ending at the cross. But Jesus never took His eyes off His Father. Following Christ is not a call of ease (Matt.8:20).

One day we will enter eternal rest. Until then, love Him, stay close to Him and persevere in trust.

Meditate on verses 5-8. As you endeavor to honour God, how are you going to apply verse 8b) to your Life?
Father, in the name of Jesus Christ, I pray that I will always honour You in all that I do. Take away the spirit of pride from me, for without You I cannot do anything good. Amen.