Text Esther 6:1-14.
God responded to help save the Jews as they cried to Him through fasting.

The King had a sleepless night and ordered the records of the Chronicles to be read to him and Mordecai was honoured (vv.1 and 10). Mordecai clad in royal robes of the King, was paraded at the city square (v.9) where a few days before was in distress, in sackcloth and ashes (vv.4:1, 6)! After the drive, in humility Modercai went back to the King’s gate and in shame Haman went back home in a hurry. At this time when things had already gone bad, Haman received a true advice from his friends that he will fall before Mordecai the Jew (v.13), an advice they should have given him earlier! As a child of God stand firm in Christ, and the Lord will surely deliver you from all your enemies and troubles. Haman’s friends remembered in history that the Jews under their Almighty God have and will always conquer! In Christ, you will always conquer! Amen.
Meditate on verse 12. What is God teaching you in this verse?
Father, in the name of Jesus Christ, give victory to Your church, deliver Your church. Amen.