Text: Romans 8:1-18
This chapter is extremely encouraging to Christians. It begins by giving us assurance that we who are in Christ will not be condemned because of our sin. We belong to Christ, and we have been forgiven. Also, we have the Holy Spirit dwelling within us, and He enables us to put to death our residue corruption. Paul refers to believers as debtors. Christ paid a price for our deliverance, more than can be fully appreciated. We are now debtors. He owns us. We are His to do as He wishes. It is impossible for us to pay back even a tiny portion. But we are obliged to give back to Him our lives in loving, grateful service.

What does that have to do with the issue of distress and anxiety? Those who belong to Christ, will suffer with Him and for Him (v.17). Suffering takes many forms; sometimes we suffer because of persecution from unbelievers, but sometimes suffering comes from simply living in a fallen world (v.21). Challenges come to all humanity, but for Christians, problems are used by God to purify us, like fire is used to purify gold. When some Christians experience suffering, they fall away, they leave Jesus (Mark 4:17). Please do not ever think of it. One day, when you enter eternal life to be with the Lord, you will realize the profound truth of what Paul said in verse 18. No suffering can compare with the glory of being with Christ.
Keep that in mind and be encouraged, persevere as suffering will come to an end. A blessed life with God is forever!

Meditate on verses 12-18. What is God teaching you in these verses?

Father, in the name of Jesus Christ, keep me from living a life in the flesh but by the Spirit of God. Amen.