Text: Luke 2: 1-52.
The birth of the promised Messiah is portrayed in this passage with a simplicity that belies the event’s universal significance. From this simple setting, emerges the Lord Jesus: the person for whom John the Baptist was to prepare the way (cf. 1: 76-77), the focus of all God’s promises and of all human hopes who represents God’s coming salvation to the world (2: 1-40) that is attested by a number of witnesses: the angelic host (vv.9-14), the shepherds (vv. 15-28), Simeon (vv. 28-35) and Anna (vv. 36-38). Simeon’s declaration in vv. 29-32 clearly reveals that the mission of Jesus Christ extends beyond the Jewish community. He is not only the way of salvation, but He is also the light for the nations and glory for Israel. Therefore, by responding to the Gospel message of salvation through Jesus Christ, we ‘prepare the way for’ the Lord to operate in our lives.

What lessons do you learn from the basic and humble circumstances surrounding the birth of Jesus (2: 6-20)? How should this influence your service to God and humanity? What is the main thing you have learnt from the exemplary characters of Simeon and Anna (vv. 28-24, 36-38)? How does this impact your ministry in the service of the Kingdom of God?

My heavenly Father, give me the grace to serve You faithfully with joy and surrender. In the name of Jesus Christ I pray, Amen.