Text: Genesis 33:1-20.
Jacob’s fears about Esau were pacified, because Esau received him favorably (v11). However, Esau’s true character is revealed, again, in this meeting.

The reason for Esau’s anger is still there (Jacob’s deception), but now that Esau has all he desires, he has no interest in regaining the blessings that were “taken” from him. It should be noted, after their meeting Esau went toward Seir (v16), which is away from the inheritance, and Jacob went to Canaan (v18), the land of Yahweh’s covenant promise. Jacob bought property (v19) and built an altar, making a public declaration by worship of Yahweh’s faithfulness to him.

God will remove all obstacles to His covenant, nothing can successfully stand against it. Despite the efforts of Christ’s opponents (fellow Jews, Satan, etc.) the Lord was victorious, and our eternal inheritance is secured.
Let us worship the Lord for who He is and what He has done.

Meditate on verses 4-9. How are you going to apply verses 9 and 20 to your life?

Father, in the name of Jesus Christ, help me to have a heart of contentment. Help me establish family altar of prayer in my family. In the midst of several challenges give me the ability to trust You always.