Text: Nehemiah 11:1-36.
“The people commended all the men who volunteered to live in Jerusalem,” verse 2 [NIV]. When the walls were completed, the population that was available to live within them was small. Nehemiah used the casting of lots to determine one out of ten to come in. Some people feared to come in and chose to remain outside the city in their settlements for varying reasons: 1. None Jews never wanted to associate with Jerusalem residents because of their religious beliefs; 2. It would mean rebuilding houses and re-establishing businesses which would take time and money; 3. To live in Jerusalem needed strict adherence to God’s Word because of proximity to the temple among other things.

Today many people do not want to be saved thinking that they will be under inconveniencing rules and regulations, yet it is only in Christ that one is able to know the true meaning of life and purpose for which one is on planet earth.

Meditate on verses 1-2. What is God teaching you in these verses?

Father, in the name of Jesus Christ, I pray that many will receive and believe in Jesus Christ and get to know the meaning of life in this world.