Text: Acts 17:1-34.
When Paul was in Athens, Greece, as usual he taught among Jews and gentiles (vv.22-28). Some of the gentiles brought Paul to the Areopagus, also called Mars’ Hill, a place of teaching and philosophy. He noticed how “religious”
they were with all their idols, including an altar “To the unknown god”. Paul took that opportunity to speak about the true God and His work in creation and about the resurrection of Christ. They refused to listen, but Paul spoke the Word!

Let’s give special attention to Paul’s quote in v.28. Everything about humanity is from God and in God. We are not independent beings who are watched by God, as He sits far away. God is our everything, according to His eternal
design and work (Act4:28). Therefore, live humbly before God and with God.
And look for those opportunities to speak to others about His greatness.

Meditate on verse 11. How are you going to apply it to your life?

Father, in the name of Jesus Christ, I pray against the spirit of laziness in many of Your children, so that they can be able to subject every teaching they receive to the Bible. Amen.