Text: Genesis 14:1-24.
This chapter looks like a simple, brief war story, but what we are given is a picture of the work of our great General, Priest, and King, Jesus Christ.
Abraham went to war in order to free his people from the enemy, even as Jesus fought the devil to free us from that captivity (Matt.12:29; Rev.19:11- 16).

After the battle, Abraham is met by the priest Melchizedek, who blesses him. We learn from Heb.7 that this Melchizedek is also a type of Jesus Christ. We read first that Melchizedek is a priest, even as Jesus is our priest, the One who stands between God and His people. Jesus is also our King – He brings us under His authority, He rules us, and He defends us. Because of what Jesus did for us in His earthly ministry (His righteous life for us, His death to pay our sins’ penalty, and His resurrection to justify us and to break the power of death), we are now at peace with God.

Meditate on verses 18-23. How are you going to apply verses 22-23 to your life and family?

Father, in the name of Jesus Christ, I pray that You will be my all in all. I pray that You will always be my focus. Forgive me when I have trusted in material things and people other than You. Amen.