Our God is God of order, therefore, you need to be orderly in your prayers. The Bible talks of morning and evening sacrifices in the Temple (Num. 28:3-4). Those times were appointed and written loadedly with meaning. In the New Testament, we are encouraged to pray all the time (v.17); unfortunately, many people do not pray at all.

In this devotion we are not promoting the idea that we should pray through the watches of the day as some people are teaching; but we are teaching you to adopt regular times of prayer; say, in the morning before you speak to any other, and evening as you conclude your day. Daniel could pray three times a day (Daniel 6:10-28), Jesus’ disciples would meet at 3.p.m for fellowship (Acts. 3:1) and Jesus Christ would wake up very early to pray (Mark 1:35). Develop regular but systematic times to meet with God!

Meditate on verse 17. How are you going to apply it to your life?

Our Almighty Father, help me seek Your face all the time, every day. In
the name of Jesus I have prayed. Amen.