Text: Exodus 12:1-51.
In preparation for the tenth and final plague, the Passover ceremony is established. The picking of the Passover lamb symbolised Christ, the perfect Lamb of God that takes away, the sin of the world (John 1:29). In the whole process, faith was key. They had to put on belts, sandals and hold a staff ready to go. This was faith gesture that indeed they were getting out of Egypt (v.11).

This last plague announced will be the last straw that will break the horse’s back; there would be death of first borne males in the land (vv.5 – 6). This plague symbolised God judging Pharaoh who was considered a god. Now here is a god that cannot protect “his people” including his own son. All this was because Pharaoh could not believe that there was God who was greater than he.

Meditate on verse 38. What other things are you leaning on that may be a stumbling block to you!

Father, in the name of Jesus Christ, I pray for those who are burdened by many things, that they shall find rest in You. Amen.