Text: Acts 6:1-15.
The common sharing of the Church in chapter 4-5 became a problem in chapter 6 (vv.1-4). This shows that such sharing was not intended to be a permanent feature for all generations but only for that very early group.

But in God’s providence the dispute was designed for the development of the Church, in particular, the establishment of the office of the Deacon. The deaconate is intended to be an office of service to the physical needs of God’s people. Though Christians disagree about a few of the qualifications, there are five listed in v3: deacons are to be men, from the congregation, with good reputations, filled with the Holy Spirit, and full of wisdom. The deaconate is for those who are spiritually mature, and those who serve as deacons are to reflect the compassionate service of the Lord Jesus Christ Himself.

Though only a few are called by the Lord to hold the office of Deacon, we all can help them when possible.
Meditate on verses 3-4. How are you are going to apply it to your life?

My heavenly Father, in the name of Jesus Christ, give me the ability to pray for Your people, study and apply Your Word. Amen.